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2021 / Children Products / Baby Products / Professional

Pram Sled Flex Fit®

  • Prizes
    Winner in Children Products/Baby Products
  • Company
    The Original Hudson Ltd., United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    Craig Hudson
  • Design Team
    Rebecca Hudson, William Hudson, Linda Hudson, James Hudson, Maisie Hudson
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Special Thanks Paul Chubbock & Jonathan Williams

The Pram Sled Flex Fit® is an innovative solution to one of the most common & unavoidably repetitive challenges facing new parents. It provides an elegantly simplistic approach for bringing a pram into the home while protecting the floor from wheel dirt. It works hands-free & eliminates the tasks of wheel washing, applying covers or pram dismantling. It promotes more baby sleep by minimising disturbance when returning home, as well as enabling safer sleep though closer monitoring.

Just ride the pram onto the Pram Sled and slide it straight into the home for a hassle-free transition every time

The Original Hudson Ltd. is a company focused on designing innovative and world-leading product solutions to improve the parenting experience. With over three decades of combined knowledge in design, engineering and childhood development their aim delivers excellence through dedication, commitment and expertly crafted attention to detail.

Other prizes
Winner of major investment from The Coventry University Innovation Networks Grant in partnership with the European Union Regional Development Fund.

Photo Credit: The Original Hudson Ltd.
Credits: Special thanks Paul Chubbock & Jonathan Williams