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2021 / Catering Products / Restaurant & Kitchen Supplies / Professional

iJ - electronic controller for refrigeration units

  • Prizes
    Winner in Catering Products/Restaurant & Kitchen Supplies
  • Company
    Carel Industries, Italy
  • Lead Designer
    Paolo Marafin
  • Design Team
    Alberto Crivellaro, Chiara Milani
  • Project Link

iJ is Carel’s new complete electronic controller platform for refrigeration units. iJ can be connected via NFC, BT, WiFi (embedded, market first) or 2G gateways to enable IOT services, even on these entry-level controllers.
The design allows the product to be completely aesthetically integrated into the final unit.
The color of the faceplate can be changed with custom material graphics according to the merchandiser’s brand.
ij allows to preserve the cold chain, minimizing food waste, while it features many energy saving algorithms to reduce the environmental impact of refrigeration units.

Photo Credit: Carel Industries