2020 / Media And Home Electronics / Electric Appliance / Student


  • Prizes
    Winner in Media and Home Electronics/Electric Appliance
  • Lead Designer
    Wang Jun
  • Design Team
    Miao Di Hu, Zhao Hong Qin, Yi Ming Zhang, YI Xuan Ma, Zi Yue Zhang, Hong Kun Ma, Yu Zhang,Yu Zhang, Cong Cong Zhao, Ting Zhang, Li Wen Zheng
  • Other credit
    Photo By Wang Jun
  • University
    Hebei University of Technology

Retractable air conditioning is based on the integrated air conditioning, it’s smaller in size than traditional air conditioning, more convenient placement. It is made of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials and has a variety of colors. Modelling comes from the bellows of accordion, the user pulls leaf board of air conditioning fan arbitrarily to adjust blow air Angle, Unlike the drab and unitary appearance of traditional said conditionings, it interacts with the user in an interesting way which would surely bring the user lots of fun.

Photo Credit: Wang Jun
Credits: Photo by Wang Jun