2020 / Media And Home Electronics / Cameras, Video Cameras and Equipment / Student


  • Prizes
    Winner in Media and Home Electronics/Cameras, Video Cameras and Equipment
  • Lead Designer
    Zhao Xiang Zhi
  • Project Link
  • University
    Beijing Normal University key laboratory of natural disaster

Fima is equipped with a three-axis mechanical stabilized platform, which can achieve physical anti-shaking by adjusting and compensating camera posture in the state of motion. Re-considering the structure of the platform camera with ergonomics, the lens can be shifted upward to form a 25-degree angle between the camera and user's wrist, allowing user to naturally form a perfect shooting posture when lifting Fima, reducing pressure on user's wrist. The whole device helps users to easily shoot at any time.

In school period, I set up DIST design studio in my spare time, and led DIST to be included into the Top 50 List of the most innovative companies in the Youth Innovation Conference. My personal design works won many domestic and international design awards such as Alibaba Design Award, IAI Design Award, A Design Award, etc. Moreover, I was selected as the future star by Shanghai International Design Week, and my design works were invited to participate in the opening exhibition of Xiamen Red Dot Museum. Many of my papers were included in the journal, and many designs were granted patents.

Photo Credit: Zhao Xiang Zhi