2020 / Media And Home Electronics / TV, Video and Audio Equipment / Student

Soundlink Surround

  • Prizes
    Winner in Media and Home Electronics/TV, Video and Audio Equipment
  • Lead Designer
    Jacob Tasker
  • Project Link
  • University
    Savannah College of Art and Design

For most laptop users their laptop plays many roles; teacher, movie theatre, music studio, art studio, avenue of communication, you name it. Rarely does laptop audio live up to those responsibilities. For the casual movie watcher, music connoisseur, and online student laptop audio quality doesn't satisfy the need. The solution? The Soundlink Surround. The Bose Soundlink Surround is a modular, portable, bluetooth laptop surround sound system. With magnetic joints, simple user interaction, and Bose technology and style it offers users the best of both worlds, surround sound and flexibility.

Photo Credit: Jacob Tasker