2020 / Material Design / Manufacturing / Student


  • Prizes
    Winner in Material Design/Manufacturing
  • Lead Designer
    April O'Gorman
  • Design Team
    April O'Gorman, Haley Gavagni, Tori Myers
  • University
    Savannah College of Art and Design

Ripple is a biodegradable boogie board for short term beach vacationers. Most boogie boards are made from styrofoam which takes centuries to break down. Ripple is made from kozo fibers, coconut coir, cationic starches, recycled paper pulp, persimmon juice and region specific dune grass and flower seeds. Ripple is designed to be buried at the high tide mark at the end of its life cycle. The seeds will grow to fortify the dune ecosystem and help prevent erosion. Ripple allows beachgoers to enjoy the ocean and teaches users about sustainability, erosion, and the capabilities of natural materials.

Photo Credit: April O'gorman