2020 / Industrial And Life Science Design / Safety Designs / Student

Medicine protection mask

  • Prizes
    Winner in Industrial and Life Science Design/Safety Designs
  • Lead Designer
    Lin xingmin
  • Design Team
    Zhai Weimin,Xu Le,Xia Luting,Chen Xin,Zhao Ruoyi
  • University
    Domus Academy

The air filter of the traditional PM2.5 mask is only an antibacterial filter layer to block fine dust. This "medicine protection" mask combines ordinary filter layer with medicine to make a filter element more suitable for personal protection needs. The mask design adopts an ergonomic structure and cooperates with a drug filter, which will effectively reduce the invasion of bacteria. This mask can detect and indicate air quality problem. There is a circular light ring design on the outside. When there is a problem with air quality, it will turn red. It is blue under normal circumstances.

Photo Credit: Lin Xingmin