2020 / Industrial And Life Science Design / Safety Designs / Student


  • Prizes
    Winner in Industrial and Life Science Design/Safety Designs, Winner in Lifestyle and Travel/Comfort and Security Items
  • Lead Designer
    Lukas Krob
  • Design Team
    Lukas Krob
  • University
    Müller Und Sohn

This innovative mask is developed for private persons instead of using disposable or self made masks.The mask simply consists of two parts. The Polypropylene mask and the filterpads. The mask will be cutted out of a flat sheet of polypropylene. The user can fold the mask by himself to a 3D object. The mask can be easily disinfect and through the translucency surface you can see your mouth if you speak.
The distance between the mask and your mouth is comfortably wide.
The filter pads can be easily inserted on the left and the right side of the mask and can be changed very often.

Photo Credit: Lukas Krob