2020 / Illumination / Illuminated Home Decor / Student


  • Prizes
    Winner in Illumination/Illuminated Home Decor
  • Lead Designer
    Wang Jun
  • Design Team
    Miao Di Hu, Zhao Hong Qin, Yi Ming Zhang, YI Xuan Ma, Zi Yue Zhang, Hong Kun Ma, Cong Cong Zhao, Ting Zhang, Li Wen Zheng
  • Other credit
    Photo By Wang Jun
  • University
    Hebei University of Technology

The Light Ball Lamp brings a fresh taste to the invariant layout in contemporary household. Take it off the lamp base and place it anywhere you like - bed, desk, floor - this interesting light ball illuminates every corner of your lovely room. With its smooth aesthetic appearance and high flexibility, it is a colourful addition to your dull life. The light ball is attracted to the lamp base using a magnet inside. Thanks to its wireless charging ability, it can work for a long period of time before placing it back to its base.

Photo Credit: Wang Jun
Credits: Photo by Wang Jun