2020 / Illumination / Desk Lamps / Student

Ruyi Bang

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Illumination/Desk Lamps
  • Lead Designer
    Zhaohua Zhu
  • Design Team
    Yao Jun,Zhang Kun,Shao Jiang,Zong Wei,Ye Min
  • University
    China University of Mining and Technology

In Chinese, "ruyi"means meets your wishes, the ruyi bang is the weapon used by a ancient mythical character, Sun Wukong, and this weapon could be changed its form according to Sun 's wishes, and it could be shrunk into the ears when not being used. The lamp named "Ruyi bang" is inspired by this. By folding its embedding metal hose, its form can be changed and turns into various types of lamps, such as desktop lamps, floor lamps, and so on, thus the customer's different needs could be fulfilled. Meanwhile, by the means of folding, it can be shrunk, and reduce the transportation cost.

Photo Credit: Zhaohua Zhu