2020 / Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture / Student

Disappearing forest——visible tissue drawing

  • Prizes
    Winner in Home Interior Products/Interior Furniture
  • Lead Designer
    Weilu Zhao
  • Design Team
    Jianfeng Yue, Lei Chen, Kun Li and Yibo Ma
  • University
    Wuhan Polytechnic University

In order to produce paper, chopsticks, furniture and other daily necessities, human beings cut down the forest indiscriminately. Every year, resulting in 3.6 billion hectares of land desertification and deterioration of the earth's environment. Through the use of drawing paper, the visual drawing paper box makes the trees on the pattern disappear gradually. Every time people use a piece of drawing paper, the trees in the forest will be reduced accordingly. This design calls for people to cherish paper, metaphor people should strengthen the awareness of environmental protection.

Other prizes
2019 Red Dot Concept Award 2020 ASIA DESIGN PRIZE GOLD WINNER

Photo Credit: Weilu Zhao