2020 / Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture / Student


  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Home Interior Products/Interior Furniture, Winner in Media and Home Electronics/Electric Appliance
  • Lead Designer
  • Design Team
    DAEUN SEO, gahyun Kim
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  • University
    Hongik University

CELES2 is a wall-hanging air purifier that has the effect of cleaning the air around the user. The existing air purifier has an air quality measuring sensor located inside the appliance, which makes it less accurate. However, the CELES2's air quality sensor is detachable and located "outside". So the user can place the air quality sensor in a right space that requires air purification. That is the standard location for air purifying until the entire room is clean. It is also fixed to the wall for space utilization, and it is more effective to remove dust from the center of the room.

Photo Credit: Daeun Seo