2020 / Home Interior Products / Bedroom Furniture/Accessories / Student

Incloud speaker lamp

  • Prizes
    Winner in Home Interior Products/Bedroom Furniture/Accessories
  • Lead Designer
    Zhipeng Huang
  • Design Team
    Xia Cai
  • University
    Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai

Incloud is a wireless smart speaker lamp.Its light is like the light that enters the room through the cracks in the curtains in the early morning, creating a comfortable home environment through the combination of sound and light. Incloud does not specify which side is the positive side, and users can put it at will according to their own needs to achieve different sound and light effects. Different placement methods can also make Incloud more reasonable application in different spaces. The light decays over time, helping users develop a good schedule in a visual way.

Photo Credit: Zhipeng Huang