2020 / Flora And Fauna / Hydroponic devices / Student


  • Prizes
    Winner in Flora and fauna/Hydroponic devices
  • Lead Designer
    Kennedy Castelli
  • Design Team
    Kennedy Castelli
  • Project Link
  • University
    Savannah College of Art and Design

Come home to Solace, a scalable and sustainable solution for city-dwellers to grow food. Solace is a simple microgreen growing system that uses wick moisture with a biostrate grow mat and automatic lighting, making it easy for beginners. An intuitive app guides you through germination, growing, and harvesting phases. Solace app also uses location-based tech to allow you to connect with other farmers and crops near you to form an indoor farming community. Solace supports human’s intrinsic need for interaction with nature while supplying them with healthy nutrients.

Photo Credit: Kennedy Castelli