2020 / Education / Behavioral correction tools / Student


  • Prizes
    Winner in Education/Behavioral correction tools
  • Lead Designer
    Suyash Junnarkar, Xiaoyun(Annie) Chen
  • Design Team
    Suyash Junnarkar, Xiaoyun(Annie) Chen
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Under The Guidance Of Our Professor Wendell Wilson
  • University
    Georgia Institute of Technology

Dux is a project to make healthy living as close to the user as possible. Dux comprises a food scale, a body scale, and a mobile application. These three combined to make a seamless experience for anyone wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dux is a culmination of thorough user research and brainstorming based on a user's journey map through a healthy lifestyle. More attention is given to the design and aesthetics of the system as a whole. Being healthy requires a lifestyle change and we have designed Dux to guide the user in the right direction. A detailed description is on the website.

Photo Credit: Suyash Junnarkar, Xiaoyun(annie) Chen
Credits: Under the guidance of our professor Wendell Wilson