2020 / Design For Society / Designs for Social Impact / Student

Braille Convenience Paste

  • Prizes
    Winner in Design for Society/Designs for Social Impact
  • Lead Designer
    Yibo Ma
  • Design Team
    Weilu Zhao, Lei Chen, Jianfeng Yue and Kun Li
  • University
    Wuhan Polytechnic University

This is a convenient sticker specified for the Chinese blind. With Braille on these small stickers, one can know what they means by touching them. By placing stickers on the surface of objects, the blind can know what they are by touching, which helps the blind improve their cognitive ability of the sensory world and facilitate their life.

Other prizes
2019 Red Dot Concept Award 2020 ASIA DESIGN PRIZE GOLD WINNER

Photo Credit: Yibo Ma