2020 / Children Products / Toddler Products / Student

Beewax Crayon Blocks of Geometric Garden Stuff

  • Prizes
    Winner in Children Products/Toddler Products
  • Lead Designer
    Rongyi Zhan
  • Design Team
    Xinyue Wu
  • University
    Hangzhou College of Commerce, Zhejiang Gongshang University

This product is designed for toddlers, it is made of beeswax and food grade dye. The form is different from the traditional pen-form crayon, and it is easier for young children to hold it. This product can also train them to recognize in the forms as well as colors of fruits and vegetables, and the case is made up of a piece of the graphic drawing board and a wood box, it can cultivate little ones receive arrange consciousness, and it can be used as a matching game, and this matching board is also a drawing tool. This is a collection of game, storage, painting as one of kids' learning tools.

Photo Credit: Rongyi Zhan