2020 / Catering Products / Catering Supplies / Student


  • Prizes
    Winner in Catering Products/Catering Supplies
  • Lead Designer
    Bao Liyuan ,Young Hwan Pan
  • Design Team
    Zhai Weiming, XuLe, ZhaoNa, Zhao Yuqi, Shi Xiaohe, Guo Haoyue, ChenXin, Qing Qihao
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  • Other credit
  • University
    Kookmin University

The design of this ceramic bowl is to improve our traditional habit of serving the bowl, and it is unsanitary that our fingers would touch the eaves of the bowl when we eat. The waist of this bowl has a edge, it looks like a flying skirt around the waist of the bowl.The little change can provide a new way for people to carry bowls.It can shortten the distance from the waist edge of the bowl to the bottom, so it is convenient for children to carry it. The waist edge of the bowl is indented, it can provide a buffer area to hold the soup from the eaves.this change can keep the table clean.

Photo Credit: Bao Liyuan ,young Hwan Pan
Credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__gvYsnlRNs