2020 / Catering Products / Catering Supplies / Student

Five Tints Of Ink Color - Coaster Design

  • Prizes
    Winner in Catering Products/Catering Supplies
  • Lead Designer
    Zhang Jian , Chen Sijie , Li Yeqin
  • Design Team
    Zhang Jian Design Studio
  • University

A drop of ink lands on the rice paper, retaining the moment when droplets is rendering, making a coaster. The five distinctions of ink colors correspond to five ratios of milk and coffee. The ”Five Tints of Ink Color” in traditional Chinese painting correspond to the concentration of coffee. Customers can choose the corresponding coffee by choosing coasters. What’ interesting is that when customers pick up the coffee in hand and glances at the coaster, there will be a feeling that the ink on the coaster is rendered by the coffee dripping, making the process of drinking coffee full of poetry.

Photo Credit: Zhang Jian , Chen Sijie , Li Yeqin