2020 / Design For Society / Design for Society / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Design for Society/Design for Society
  • Company
    Youkaïdi Sàrl, Switzerland
  • Lead Designer
    Steve Iannello
  • Design Team
    Steve Iannello, Julien Rosina

qlip is a sustainable pair of glasses created to last. Designed for 3D printing, it is made in just 3 parts of the same recyclable material, with no energy or material waste. The interchangeable parts make it easily customisable at any time, and the clipped protection eliminates the need for a case.

Ergonomic and hypoallergenic, qlip weighs 5 grams without lenses. Strong and flexible, it resists scratches, UV, temp. from -40˚ to 120˚C and cleaning products. Naturally, it can be adjusted.

qlip meets the neglected needs of consumers with the functionality and elegance of timeless eyewear.

Photo Credit: Youkaïdi Sàrl