2020 / Flora And Fauna / Garden Tools / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Flora and fauna/Garden Tools
  • Company
    Tektos Ecosystems Ltd., Hong Kong
  • Lead Designer
    Paul Poon
  • Design Team
    Tektos Design Team
  • Client
    ibebot Limited

SoilQuality is a Bluetooth connected device that measures the soil moisture, soil nutrients and light intensity of an indoor garden from seed stage to harvest. The IPX5 water-resistant sensor’s design is both ornamental and efficient. Its slim pen-like form and color aesthetically camouflages with the environment and with the innovative probe cap it’s able to rectify reading deviations due to different soil textures and accidental wobbling. The detachable light sensor has 60 cm wire that allows the user to find the optimal location which can also be organised smartly using its pen clip.

Photo Credit: Tektos Ecosystems Ltd.