2020 / Children Products / Safety / Professional

wümgo protective child carrier

  • Prizes
    Winner in Children Products/Safety
  • Company
    wümgo , United States
  • Lead Designer
    Teresa Tito
  • Design Team
    Teresa Tito, James M. Ibon, Kenneth A. Gross, Michael I. Fineberg, Martin H. Dalgaard, David Moore
  • Client
    Teresa Tito
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wümgo; an improved child backpack carrier, designed to protect a child from injuries if a wearer trips and falls. The impact absorbing hard outer shell protect the child's head, spine and body caused by sudden deceleration events resulting from the wearer falling and striking sharp or stationary objects such as rocks or the pavement. It's slim oblong shape allows the wearer to easily maneuver around tight spots. wümgo is lightweight and comfortable. Typically prior carriers are made from cloth and leave the child exposed and vulnerable to injuries if the wearer accidentally trips and falls.

I am an artist. I am currently creating my most important work. I invented wümgo, a protective child carrier. I was awarded a utility patent last year on Mothers Day. It is important for me to know that I am working every day to offer parents a safer way to carry their children. Currently every 30 minutes a child under the age of five is injured in a stroller or child carrier accident. A majority of these injuries result in traumatic brain injuries or skull fractures.
Inventor wümgo
Founder Publisher i4Design Magazine
Founder CEO and Stylist Parlor Salon and Day Spa

Other prizes
Teresa Tito Inventor United States Patent protective child carrier "Best New Magazine" Teresa Tito Founder and Publisher i4design Magazine and Bates Creative Group Teresa Tito Founder Parlor Salon Readers Choice Award Top Colorist Today's Chicago Woman Modern Salon Magazine "Best Little Gem"

Photo Credit: Wümgo