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2020 / Transportation / Nautical/Boats / Professional

"ALFA-120" Passenger Hydrofoil

  • Prizes
    Winner in Transportation/Nautical/Boats
  • Company
    "Sea Tech Ltd", Russian Federation
  • Lead Designer
    Irina Burmistrova
  • Design Team
    Petr Ezhov, Ekaterina Burmistrova, Nikita Tseloukhov, Elizaveta Obidina
  • Project Link

"Alfa-120" is a modern 110-foot hydrofoil vessel developed for transporting 122 passengers over long distances with a high comfort.

The design of the vessel and the engineered hydrofoil system allow to solve several recent problems at once: to be safe and comfortable for passengers and crew, to reduce coastal erosion, to pick up speed with lower fuel consumption, to help to bring down the cost of human labor in production, at the same time, to have aesthetic and technological shapes.

Photo Credit: "sea Tech Ltd"