2020 / Transportation / Mass Transportation / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Transportation/Mass Transportation
  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Elnur Babayev
  • Design Team
    Elnur Babayev
  • Client
    Idrak Technology Transfer
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  • Other credit
    3d Renders By Ulvi Allahverdiyev

"IDRAK" is a unique, unmanned, series of transportation vehicles that can move both on roads and railways. The concept consists of a taxi, truck, bus etc.

The platform incorporates features of artificial intelligence, robotics, and transportation vehicle. The smart transportation vehicle is equipped with an advanced built-in navigation system. Autopilot functions were enabled based on camera, sensor, and radar technologies. Special radars and lidars can analyze road relief based on audio and video surveillance.

The system can detect traffic light signals, road signs, external objects.

Elnur graduated as an industrial designer in 2005 from METU/Turkey. Has received many local and international design awards, both in industrial and graphic field.

Other prizes
RedDot, A Design Award, International Design Award,

Photo Credit: Idrak Technology Transfer
Credits: 3D renders by Ulvi Allahverdiyev