2020 / Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Outdoors, trekking and camping / Professional

M250 hex drive toolkit

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    Winner in Outdoor and Exercise Equipment/Outdoors, trekking and camping
  • Company
    TACTICA, Australia
  • Lead Designer
    Michael Chijoff
  • Design Team
    Michael Chijoff
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The M250 Hex Drive Toolkit is a re-imagining of the traditional pocket screwdriver, offering unprecedented workflow, versatility and ease of transportation. Utilizing an engineered composite body, the M250 outperforms traditional steel pocket tools at a fraction of the weight, enabling users to work with the confidence that they can tackle any task that comes their way.

The M250 comes with 12 tool bits, 2 spare slots (to customize your carry) and a 2" extender for those hard to reach places.

Lightweight, compact, adaptable and TSA compliant, it's the perfect wingman for your next adventure.

Photo Credit: Tactica
Credits: tacticagear