2020 / Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Exercise Equipment / Professional

Sport Stena

  • Prizes
    Winner in Outdoor and Exercise Equipment/Exercise Equipment
  • Company
    Dydykin Studio, Russian Federation
  • Lead Designer
    Igor Dydykin
  • Design Team
    Art-Director Igor Dydykin, Project Manager Lyudmila Sapalova, 3D-engineer Nikita Trofimenko, Visualizer Maxim Shimchuk
  • Client
    Dydykin Studio
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It is known that an integral part of ecological thinking and a healthy lifestyle is physical activity. The idea of Stena came with the desire to bring physical activity to human habitats. Heavy sports equipment was transformed into a convenient format for practicing at home, in office, country house or in a hotel.

Stena is a power rack with integrated storage system. It is designed to work with weight, practicing fitness and for emotional discharge. In the context of the global pandemic, Stena makes it possible to maintain physical fitness, emotional mood and pep while staying at home.

DYDYKIN is a family-based studio that designs items for active families, design lovers and conscious consumers. The better design, the stronger products influence the World. We can be trusted to invent simple things that break habits and work well.

Other prizes
2020 A’Design Award & Competition, Award Winning Design - Domik Ptashki 2019 ADD Awards, The second prize in Product Design - Domik Ptashki

Photo Credit: Dydykin Studio