2020 / Office Equipment / Furnishings/Modules / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Design for Society/Design for Society, Winner in Office Equipment/Furnishings/Modules
  • Company
    Modernform Group Public Company Limited, Thailand
  • Lead Designer
    Modernform Product Development Center

The ‘sit-stand’ desk represents concept of chainlike structure for maximum productivity obtained, focusing on the users as center of activity. It is designed to encourage more movement of sitting, walking, and standing during working time for productivity improvement and healthy working conditions. Its series of a connected links like “chain” encourage mutual working condition from a lone worker towards more people shared together to become prolific working cluster ensued with good working relations and flexibility for the existing/future demand of working style occurred anywhere anytime.

Modernform Group Public Company Limited is Thailand's leading manufacturer and distributor of office furniture, home furniture, kitchen furniture and importer of furniture fittings.

Other prizes
2021: DNA Paris Design Award, Sky Design Awards Shortlisted / 2020: Red Dot Award: Design Concept, European Product Design Award, DNA Paris Design Award, Sky Design Awards Shortlisted, Design Excellence Award (DEmark) / 2019: European Product Design Award / 2012: GOOD DESIGN AWARD (G Mark), Design Excellence Award (DEmark) / 2010: Good Design

Photo Credit: Modernform Group Public Company Limited