2020 / Illumination / Architectural Lighting / Professional

My working light

  • Prizes
    Winner in Illumination/Architectural Lighting
  • Company
    Zhongshan Torch polytechnic, AMAZI Lighting Tech Co,.LTD, China
  • Lead Designer
    Chuanxin SHENG, Zhibin LIAO
  • Design Team
    Jiayue WANG, Jing ZHAO, Yanfei ZHUANG, Youpeng HU
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Director: Liqing Tang, Yaozong Feng

The existing working environment needs a linear luminaire with glare free.My working light equipped with patented side light emitting system, assuring indirect and glare free lighting. Inspired by the triangular profile of pyramids, TRLI showcase the features of simple and practical. Further more, it has a larger lighting angle and lighting range than competing products. In addition, the series design provides a wide range of options for floor light, or decorative pendent light, both of them available in rich colors, which meets the requirements of different architecture environment.

Photo Credit: Zhongshan Torch Polytechnic, Amazi Lighting Tech Co,.ltd
Credits: Director: Liqing Tang, Yaozong Feng