2020 / Illumination / Special Purpose Lighting / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Illumination/Special Purpose Lighting
  • Company
    DesignInCave, Turkey
  • Lead Designer
    Alican Faydalı

Solarpill is designed to be used for visual communication(by flashing) and direct lighting, especially during the emergency situations. Developed for campers, climbers, cavers, search and rescue teams; for whom working in nature.
If you need to visually indicate your location in nature, you can leave a trace of where you are by pinning (or leaving/hanging) the modules on the proper surfaces; such as trees, soft rocks etc.
The modules can charge themselves by using solar energy. Flashing (SOS) function becomes active only when the environment is dark; so it can work in 24-48-72 hours cycles.

Born in Istanbul, 1982. Studied Product Design for the bachelors and masters degrees. Working as a freelance designer under the name of DesignInCave, self founded company.

Photo Credit: Designincave