2020 / Home Interior Products / Electronic Device Accessory / Professional

Cable Cradle

  • Prizes
    Winner in Home Interior Products/Electronic Device Accessory
  • Company
    Andrew Ferrier Design, Canada
  • Lead Designer
    Andrew Ferrier
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Cable Cradle is a general cable management solution that replaces your conventional electrical outlet faceplates. The dish-like shape allows you to wrap excess cable around the faceplate, this form hides the excess cable and keeps it from cluttering the floor. The concept is easily adaptable to other countries plug styles and can also act as a phone stand.

Andrew Ferrier is an award-winning Industrial Designer that has experience working at leading agencies in Europe and the United States. He applies human-centred design to a variety of categories including furniture, housewares, and consumer electronics. With thoughtful use of materials, Andrew aims for simplicity and clarity in his solutions.

Other prizes
IDA Design Awards for Cable Cradle 2020 Umbra Work/Life prototype exhibit ‘Best in Show’ 2020 Core77 Student Design Award for Cable Cradle 2019 iF Design Award for RugGear 725 2019 Wallpaper* magazine design award for “Best reflective space” 2019 The LifeCare initiative award for Keeeper Marla ‘best of the best’ 2019 Pro-K Award for Keeeper Anontio 2019 Umbra Work/Life prototype exhibit 2019 Core77 student Notable 2018 Landrover Born Award tech category 2018 Marc C. Gauthier Award 2018 International Housewares Competition 2nd place 2018 Milano Montagna Vibram Factory short list 2017 International Furniture competition top 50 2016

Photo Credit: Andrew Ferrier Design