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2020 / Home Interior Products / Switches, Temperature Control Systems / Professional

Hitachi Advanced Color Wired Remote Control

  • Prizes
    Winner in Home Interior Products/Switches, Temperature Control Systems
  • Company
    Hitachi–Johnson Controls Air Conditioning, Inc., Japan
  • Lead Designer
    Liu Yang, Nikhil Nair, Irene Ding, Iris Yuan and Chia Yen Hsieh
  • Design Team
    JCH Consumer Design

This is a wired remote controller for residential and commercial spaces.  Users seek for a simpler navigation to control temperature, but most legacy products do not prioritize this. Research suggests actual need for improved visibility on display, simplified navigation, and aesthetics that integrates with interiors. The wave shape on the cover is a visual language and a user-tested ergonomic benefit to a more comfortable touch angle. By re-thinking the manufacturing approach, physical touch-points, and user interfaces, this product provides a simple to use solution over competing offerings.

Photo Credit: Hitachi–johnson Controls Air Conditioning, Inc.