2020 / Home Interior Products / Windows, Doors / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Home Interior Products/Windows, Doors
  • Company
    TIRAR, Australia
  • Lead Designer
    Felice Carlino
  • Client
  • Other credit
    Daniel Shipp

TIRAR TUI. Solid timber door pull for cavity sliding doors, frame-less glass doors and cupboard sliding door.

At the heart of the design is a philosophy that goes beyond the aesthetic; it’s a fundamental belief in form that’s fit for purpose, a philosophy that guides the approach of every TIRAR solution, delivering an anatomical response; every aspect was considered, allowing Tui to fit the natural form and function of the human hand. Compact, angled and designed to snugly and comfortably accommodate the fingers, it performs its function with a minimum of fuss and intrusion.

Photo Credit: Tirar
Credits: Daniel Shipp