2020 / Flora And Fauna / Hydroponic devices / Professional


  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Flora and fauna/Hydroponic devices
  • Company
    Francois Hurtaud Design, Hong Kong
  • Lead Designer
    François Hurtaud
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  • Other credit
    Photos By Pak Chung And Marc Mak.

Meaning life, Eva is a modern aquaponics furniture. The waste of the fish, ammoniac, is pumped up to the garden where the substratum of roots of the plants break down the ammoniac into nitrites. The former feed the plants while the latter become food in return for the fish. Eva was designed so that the different parts simply dovetail with one another and let gravity do the work, no tools are required. The frosted finishing combined with the extruded facets serve at optimizing the light diffusion. Mimicking a natural environment, the light switches on and off softly at dawn and dusk.

François Hurtaud begun his design career in 2008 as a studio designer after graduating from Masters Degree in Advanced Studies in Cross-cultural Design at Shanghai University and a Bachelor in Industrial Design at L’Ecole de Design de Nantes in France.

Hurtaud then headed the design force for several consumer goods companies where he demonstrates his understanding of the power of social and sustainable design, cross-cultural and the precarious balance of function and form in luxury design and production.

Other prizes
A' Design Award Golden, Elemental Classic Series I, 2017. A' Design Award Bronze, AirComfort, 2017. German Design Award Mention Excellent, AirComfort, 2017. IDA Design Award, Elemental Classic Series I, 2016. Design For Asia Award, Air Comfort, 2016. A' Design Award Silver, Hibu, 2016. German Design Award, Qimini Cable, 2015. Design For Asia Award, Qimini Cable, 2014. Red Dot Design Award, Trois Petit Tours, 2014 German Design Award Nominee, Qimini Pocket, 2014. Red Dot Design Award, Qimini Cable, 2014. CES Design & Engineering Award, Qimini Pocket, 2014. Good Design Award, Qimini Pocket, 2013. Red Dot Design Award, Qimini Pocket, 2013. Electrolux Design Lab Top 25 finalist, Ping Pong, 2011. Electrolux Design Lab Top 25 finalist, Warm&Cool, 2011. Shanghai design exhibition, Third prize, Huaihai Metro Station, 2011. Favorite of the jury, Minimaousse competition, Yoodoo, 2009.

Photo Credit: Francois Hurtaud Design
Credits: Photos by Pak Chung and Marc Mak.