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2020 / Children Products / Children Products / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Children Products/Children Products
  • Company
    Ningbo MiroKids Toys Co.,Ltd / PolyU Design, China
  • Lead Designer
    Gana Xu, Yi-Teng Shih, Jay Li, Vincent Mao
  • Design Team
    MiroKids Toys Group
  • Other credit
    Gana Xu, Yi-teng Shih, Jay Li, Vincent Mao

Children use colour dough to develop a variety of hair styling for animals. For instance, lions can have short hair styling, adult lion styling, mother lion styling, and do all kinds of beautiful styling children can try for themselves. We have also designed several useful accessories, including hair curlers, hair straighteners, spatulas, and flower combs. They will help children develop their own craft skills. The combination of animal shapes and anthropomorphic game-play allows children to turn animals into their favorite movie star styles.

Other prizes
EPDA 2019, EPDA 2020, EPDA 2021

Photo Credit: Ningbo Mirokids Toys Co.,ltd / Polyu Design
Credits: Gana Xu, Yi-Teng Shih, Jay Li, Vincent Mao