2020 / Transportation / Nautical/Boats / Student

A43 Speed Boat

  • Prizes
    Winner in Transportation/Nautical/Boats
  • Lead Designer
    Servet Armagan Cakir
  • Design Team
    Officina Armare Yacht & Transportation Design Studio
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  • Other credit
    All Image Credits: Officina Armare
  • University
    Politecnico di Milano

A43 concept is a luxury speed boat concept that can be defined as the perfect fusion of performance and aesthetics.The main objective of this project is combine a traditional speed boat with the sleek, strong characteristics and high performance that you would expect from a modern supercar.

Officina Armare Yacht & Transportation Design Studio was founded by S. Armagan Cakir in 2017 to provide unique services to the yachting and transportation industry, the rapidly changing landscape for future of yachts and mobility demands fresh approaches with cutting edge design, processes and strategy. In Officina Armare, design is our passion that drives us forward to deliver innovative and unique design. Our philosophy embodies the power of emotional and aesthetic values without compromise on functionality.

Other prizes
2nd Prize Winner in Yacht Design Talent Award 2016.

Photo Credit: Servet Armagan Cakir
Credits: All image credits: Officina Armare