2020 / Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Recycling Equipment / Student

Charging Face Mask

  • Prizes
    Winner in Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation/Recycling Equipment
  • Lead Designer
  • Design Team
    Renlei 、Caixujin 、Qiuyushuang、Zhouweibo
  • Other credit
    Adviser: Shi Lei
  • University
    College of Science & Technology Ningbo University

Face mask turns to be necessary at the moment, while it is difficult to get. Therefore people begin to reuse the mask. The electrostatic adsorption of face mask will fade out after serving. The Kit of Refleshing Face Mask can revive its electrostatic adsorption of the melt-blown nonwoven, and then it can filter virus and germ effectively again.

Photo Credit: Zhongchenjia
Credits: adviser: shi lei