2020 / Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Urban Sustainable Design / Student

Ascend 3D Printing Truck

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Other Products designs/Industrial Machines, Winner in Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation/Urban Sustainable Design
  • Lead Designer
    Nathan Zabarsky
  • University
    Cleveland Institute of Art

Ascend is a construction vehicle designed to re-imagine how large-scale architecture is built. It uses a 3D printing style approach to construct skyscrapers layer by layer. The unique 3-box design allows the components that make up concrete—gravel, sand, and cement—to be mixed with the water from the truck’s hydrogen fuel cell power plant, then be extruded. The truck is modular, so a transport version takes a container full of the raw materials from the quarry to the construction site where they can be hoisted up to a second truck to be mixed and extruded as the truck “prints” the building.

Other prizes
IDA Design Award

Photo Credit: Nathan Zabarsky