2020 / Packaging Design / Other Packaging / Student

Game Coffee Color

  • Prizes
    Winner in Packaging Design/Other Packaging
  • Lead Designer
    Anastasia Angelidou
  • University
    International Hellenic University

Brand Identity project:
Influenced by Nintendo's philosophy, I created a playful and smart coffee machine that reflects the values, identity, and design language of this company. Its exterior appearance and its name refer mainly to the iconic model of Nintendo: "Game Boy Color".
Available in three shades:
- grape-purple
- berry-fuchsia
- dandelion-yellow

It comes with specially designed beverage capsules that are in the form of cartridges (the games that were used for the console) and circulate in seven special flavors, reviving one of the most classic games in the history of the company.

I am a creative product designer who was born in the '90s. Nostalgia is the driving force behind my projects. Every time I try to convey through my designs pieces of myself and my childhood.

Photo Credit: Anastasia Angelidou