2020 / Packaging Design / Other Packaging / Student

Stage Ring Box

  • Prizes
    Winner in Packaging Design/Other Packaging
  • Lead Designer
    Bai-Chuan Huang
  • Design Team
    Jia-Chun Zhou,Yi-Ting Liu
  • University
    The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Traditional ring boxes are opened and closed, and the presence of the ring is momentary.We made it into a rotatable base which rises up slowly while rotating the ring, slowing down the
sacredness and sense of ritual in this beautiful moment.
The ring in the stage ring box rises slowly to create a wonderful connection between the ring and love,
strengthening the sense of sacredness and sense of ritual in the moment. We designed the stage ring box
to magnify the sanctity and beauty of love, and discussed how to better reinforce the sanctity and
preciousness of love through the ring box.

Photo Credit: Bai-chuan Huang