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2019 / Transportation / Nautical/Boats / Professional

Handcrafted Artisan Canoe Paddle

  • Prizes
    Gold in Outdoor and Exercise Equipment/Outdoors, trekking and camping, Silver in Transportation/Nautical/Boats
  • Company
    Norquay Co., Canada
  • Lead Designer
    Natasha Wittke
  • Project Link

Designer Natasha Wittke, creates beautiful pieces of functional of art from canoe paddles, made of solid cherry wood sourced from the North. As she puts it, "I've spent so much time with a paddle in my hand, it was inevitable that I would make it my canvas one day".

Each paddle is selected for its unique attributes then hand painted and finished in her Toronto based studio. It's her northern heritage and canoeist lifestyle that has influenced the designs behind each of her paddle series.

Photo Credit: Norquay Co.