fsfdfd1 FIXED Icon - Single Winner
2019 / Transportation / Auto Accessories and Interiors / Professional


  • Prizes
    Silver in Transportation/Auto Accessories and Interiors
  • Company
    NOVO DESIGN, Czech Republic
  • Lead Designer
    Ondrej Beranek
  • Design Team
    David Polasek
  • Client
    Recall S.r.o.
  • Project Link

FIXED Icon is a magnetic phone mount for car interior applications. Collection of 3 types of mounts ensure the placement into venting or on a dashboard. The product is made from high-quality plastic and stainless steel. Small 6 powerful neodymium magnets and flexibility of the joint system give you freedom of mounting every cell phone in all kinds of vehicle interiors. This holder contains a rubber cable management and soft anti-scratch pad. Just put the steel pad on the back side of the phone or its cover and use it - simply and quick.

Design studio represents the portfolio of authorial projects. Studio was founded in 2010 as product design development agency. We form creative team which is specialized in transport design, industrial design, product design and graphic styling. We look for optimal solution that will connect technical and aesthetical forms.

Other prizes
German Design Award 2019 (Special mention in Illumination) A'Design Award 2018 (Silver medal of Security category) A'Design Award 2018 (Bronze medal of Security category) EPDA 2018 (Gold medal in Lighting) EPDA 2018 (Gold medal in Home electronics) DAC - World's Leading Designers 2017 (2nd) A'Design Award 2017 (Gold medal of Security category) Red Dot - World of Design gallery 2016 Red Dot Design Award 2011 (Winner) Best in Design award 2010 (Bronze medal) Canon Design Contest 2006 (Winner) Young Package Award 2016 (Bronze medal)

Photo Credit: Novo Design