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2019 / Transportation / Mass Transportation / Professional

Golden Dragon Navigator Coach

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Transportation/Mass Transportation
  • Company
    DCA Design International, United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    DCA Design International
  • Design Team
    Xiamen Golden Dragon
  • Client
    Xiamen Golden Dragon
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Winner Of Good Design Award (chicago Athenaeum)

The Navigator is Xiamen Golden Dragon’s new flagship luxury 12-meter coach for medium and long-haul travel.

Designed with a timeless, paired back appearance the design aesthetic aims to strike the balance of appealing to Golden Dragons Asian customers whilst attracting new interest from Europe.

As well as being relevant to Golden Dragons needs from an aesthetic viewpoint the design also aims to offer their clients an opportunity for customisation and configurability to better suit their individual requirements.

Photo Credit: Dca Design International
Credits: Winner of Good Design Award (Chicago Athenaeum)