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2019 / Toy Design / Educational Toy / Professional

JUNKO Zoomer! Kit

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Toy Design/Construction Toy, Bronze in Toy Design/Educational Toy
  • Company
    Laser Beam Eyes Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    Peter Rope
  • Project Link

The JUNKO Zoomer! Kit is the world's first junk modelling construction toy. It gives kids superpowers to turn pretty much any household junk into working toys...which zoom!

As well as being super creative, JUNKO is super eco-friendly too - it's made in the UK from recycled plastic.

It also features a rubber band drive and clever reusable clips so kids can join junk together to make strong structures whilst using less sellotape and glue.

A genuine STEAM/STEM toy, it encourages problem solving, assists in understanding of a range mechanical principles and is awesome fun for creative kids.

Owner of Laser Beam Eyes Ltd, and designer of our JUNKO construction toy range... which makes junk into working toys.

Photo Credit: Laser Beam Eyes Ltd