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2019 / Toy Design / Educational Toy / Professional

Dough Tools Set - Vegetable Family

  • Prizes
    Silver in Toy Design/Educational Toy
  • Company
    Ningbo MiroKids Toys Co.,Ltd., China
  • Lead Designer
    Gana Xu, Wim Zhu, Yi-Teng Shih, Liya Wang
  • Other credit
    Gana Xu, Wim Zhu, Yi-teng Shih, Liya Wang

The goals of this tool-set design are to enhance kids' understanding of vegetable, styling skills and creativity. In regard to ergonomics, the diameter and body curve of the eggplant rolling pin can better support kids to make a flat of dough. The carrot cutter with round shape is easier for kids to hold and cut dough. The translucent mushroom extruder allows kids to observe the process of extruding the dough. The upper part of the white mold is made of silica gel, which solves the problem that the dough model is easy to cause deformation after compacting. The stamper mat can make textures.

Photo Credit: Ningbo Mirokids Toys Co.,ltd.
Credits: Gana Xu, Wim Zhu, Yi-Teng Shih, Liya Wang