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2019 / Supermarket And Grocery Stores / Cashier Machine / Professional

NCR SelfServ Fastlane 6

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Supermarket and Grocery Stores /Cashier Machine
  • Company
    NCR Corporation, United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    NCR User Centred Design
  • Design Team
    Kwan Lee, Jaan Lin
  • Project Link

NCR's newest self-checkout makes use of the latest innovations in technology to address one of the most familiar issues in the self-checkout experience – the “unexpected item in the bagging area”. The latest design has moved away from weight-based detection systems to intelligent image scanners that can recognise items placed on the scanner. As well as removing the pain of the weight-based security alert, these scanners have the additional benefit of making the scanning of non-barcoded items such as fruit and vegetables easier Retailers benefit as the technology can detect 'item swapping'.

Photo Credit: Ncr Corporation