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2019 / Packaging Design / Fashion Packaging / Professional


  • Prizes
    Bronze in Packaging Design/Fashion Packaging
  • Company
    Shafieidesign, Iran
  • Lead Designer
    Alireza Shafieitabar
  • Design Team
    reza kaboudmehri - anahita shariatmadari

The perfume’s bottle, which is made of a diamond-like glass, feels good in the hands of users, and has a great visual impact on them. The user can easily take the bottle in hand thanks to the design of the outer surface of the glass which has formal fractures. In addition, the outer surface of the bottle is covered by a thermochromic nano-layer, which changes the bottle’s color based on the hand’s temperature. The feature can be useful in designing special bottles for men and women.

Photo Credit: Shafieidesign