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2019 / Packaging Design / Beverage / Professional

Berlin Aged Gin

  • Prizes
    Gold in Packaging Design/Beverage
  • Company
    Berliner Brandstifter GmbH, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Frederike Wanstrath
  • Project Link

Led by the vision of emphasizing the true beauty of age, Berliner Brandstifter released „Berlin Aged Gin“ in late 2018. This spirit became more tasteful, colorful and unique with every day that passed while being stored in red wine barrels. The bottle design celebrates the amber-colored liquid through material, color and finish, making this product a tasteful delight for all the senses. The colors range from warm white to matte copper. Symbolizing the warm and full taste of the spirit, while high quality details reflect its class. The minimalistic design refers visually to the Berlin Dry Gin.

Other prizes
Design Awards 2017: European Product Design Award - Gold Berlin Dry Gin European Product Design Award - Silver Berlin Vodka German Design Award - Gold Berlin Vodka 2018: International Design Award 2018 – Honorable Mention 2019: European Product Design Award - Gold Packaging Aged Gin

Photo Credit: Berliner Brandstifter Gmbh