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2019 / Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Bicycle and bicycle accessories / Professional

brechin high-performance collapsible bicycle

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Outdoor and Exercise Equipment/Bicycle and bicycle accessories
  • Company
    brechin design inc., Canada
  • Lead Designer
    Breck McFarlane
  • Design Team
    Breck McFarlane, with Ross Shepherd, Stéphane LePage, Jose Trinidad, Peter Appleton, Mary Keogh, Owen Cramer
  • Client
    brechin design inc.
  • Other credit
    Renderings Stéphane Lepage, Video Peter Appleton

The brechin is a millennial reinvention of the collapsible bicycle; high-performance, full-size and race ready, the brechin is light-weight with regular size wheels and standard parts. Faster, stronger and better looking than its parents, the brechin collapses quickly with a simple manoeuvre, the stowed seat becoming the carrying handle. Portable by hand or suitcase, the brechin optimizes mobility for global citizens, serious and casual cyclists and erases barriers to cycling for those living in tight spaces. The scalable design is adaptable to many frame materials and bicycle types.

Photo Credit: Brechin Design Inc.
Credits: Renderings Stéphane Lepage, Video Peter Appleton