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  • Prizes
    Silver in Other Products designs/Other Products designs
  • Company
    VPI Concrete Design & Manufacture, Hungary
  • Lead Designer
    Fruzsina Fülöp, Péter István Varga
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  • Other credit
    Photo By Anna Fabricius
KAVICS may appear as if it was merely a beautiful object. It looks as if it was only a delicate concrete composition that attracts all eyes and inspires creativity with the touch of freedom. It only appears to be a piece of public furniture that serves for conversation, drinking lemonade, or sunbathing. But KAVICS is actually a massive concrete product cast in a mould which was created from 30 sculptural shape studies, followed by 3D scanning and CNC cutting process. It is the outcome of a long cooperation between sculptors, designers and concrete experts. This is KAVICS beyond its appearance.

VPI Concrete designs and creates advanced concrete furniture for public spaces. The company was founded by architects and landscape architects to invent a new integrity in design and technology of concrete products and their function in public spaces. In the factory we produce furniture that creates harmony between the needs of its users, the applied materials, the technology and the adequacy of the venue.

Other prizes
BigSee Product Design Award – Grand Prix, 2020 Architizer A+ Award, Jury & Popular Choice, 2019 European Design Award, Silver, 2019 A’Design Award, Gold, 2018 IDA Design Award, Bronze, 2018 Hungarian Design Award, 2017 A’Design Award, Silver, 2017 Blueprint Awards, Shortlist, 2016 Architizer A+ Award, Popular Choice, 2016 Hungarian Design Award, Special Prize, 2013

Photo Credit: Vpi Concrete Design & Manufacture
Credits: Photo by Anna Fabricius