fsfdfd1 Shine and Find - Single Winner
2019 / Toy Design / Educational Toy / Student

Shine and Find

  • Prizes
    Gold in Education/Teaching aids, Silver in Toy Design/Educational Toy
  • Lead Designer
    Mohamad Montazeri
  • Other credit
    Mohamad Montazeri
  • University
    I. Art University Of Tabriz

Shine and Find is an educational product for educating the Constellation to astronomy students. In this, the board is inspired by the night sky and the glass marble lamps are inspired by the sky stars that by placing the marbles together on the board, Constellations will be made. To help to making Constellations, the product has 88 cards (all of the 88 modern constellation information). The image and name of each Constellation is on the face of a card and the information are on the other side.

Mohamad Montazeri was born on 1989. He holds bachelor and then M.S. in industrial design from ID Faculty of I. Art University of Tabriz/ Iran. He is also a musician and harmonist, painter and promoter of astronomy. He has held more than 10 individual painting exhibitions. He believes that a good design makes the world better. He defines a good design in the balance of emotional with its aesthetics, usability and functionality.
Full member of International Association of Designers (IAD) and also (AIBA), (IBSP), (ISPM), (ICCI), (IDC) and (WDC).

Other prizes
• 2019, Gold, European Product Design Award (EPDA), Education/ Teaching aids category, Budapest/ Hungary. • 2019, Silver, European Product Design Award (EPDA), Toy Design/ Educational Toy category, Budapest/ Hungary. • 2019, Bronze, European Product Design Award (EPDA), Other Products Designs/ Other Products Designs category, Budapest/ Hungary. • 2018, Bronze, A’ Design and Competition, Education, Teaching Aid and Training Content Design category, Como/ Italy. • 2018, Silver, A’ Design and Competition, Musical Instruments Design category, Como/ Italy.

Photo Credit: Mohamad Montazeri
Credits: Mohamad Montazeri